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Question: What is the Coverage area of 97.5 WDIF?


The easiest answer is: Marion County! 97.5 WDIF operates on less than 100 watts of power as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. While this isn’t a lot of juice — it is ample to cover the city of Marion and surrounding communities with a full and robust FM signal.

Question: Can I Advertise on 97.5 WDIF?


Yes and No.As a non-profit radio station, we cannot accept traditional advertising dollars. You may, however, sponsor programs, music, news, weather or even your own program. This is called “Underwriting”.

Companies or individuals will general receive open and closing sponsorship identification, and a thirty-second informational announcement that identifies your product or services.

Question: What’s the Difference between a Commercial and an Underwriting Announcement?


Simply put: Call to Action.Non profit radio stations are not allowed to sell traditional advertising in the form of commercials.
The messages may sound very familiar, but 97.5 WDIF and other non-profit radio stations cannot, by law, issue calls to action, such as: “Call a sponsor” or “Visit a Sponsor” or even “Buy from a sponsor”That’s why our announcements will be more in the style of “our address is….” our phone number is”…our products include”…For more information, contact Spencer Phelps at 740-244-9836 or e-mail spencer@trublues975.com