Our Team

Spencer Phelps
General Manager

Spencer Phelps has been involved in radio in one way or another for over 10 years and is a local rabble rouser of sorts. You know, it’s really hard to write about one’s self, especially in the third person. So let’s do this. I love radio. I think there’s still a place for “regular” radio even today in this internet, wi-fi, satellite, mp3 world – if it’s done right. Don’t annoy people with too many ads. Don’t divide people by taking sides with or really even discussing politics. Just provide a fun, local, awesome service via some sexy blues music. I think we can all enjoy that. Corner me sometime, and I’ll ramble at ya about my radio theories. Hey, so far they’re pretty spot on! 😉

“Silky Ray” Macklin
Show Host & Outreach Coordinator

If there’s such a thing as a blues angel, it has to be Silky Ray. This is one cool cat with a voice to match. And this station wouldn’t be as awesome as it is now without him. Silky Ray has been a singer pretty much all his life and has countless connections in the world of blues. He’s a walking encyclopedia of blues history, and he is a treat to just listen to. Learn more about him and his band on his website, or tune in to his show 10am-Noon every weekday on this station!

Radio Star Jordan Starr (w/ 2 R’s)
Radio Personality/DJ

Jordan Starr is our personal in-joke. We think fake radio names are funny, especially in a small town setting such as Northwest Ohio. So Jordan and Spencer came up with a fake name for him, and we’re trying to play him up as this super-rich, super-awesome, super-talented radio star …which is also a joke aimed at the fact that you pretty much can’t become rich and famous as a radio star anymore. Heck, we all have day jobs. So keep an ear out for funny announcements from this guy. He’s a hoot, and we hope you enjoy his antics, too!

Papa Phelps
Our Muse

A long time ago, there was a radio station out of the Columbus, Ohio area called WBBY. They played blues, and my dad loved the hell out of it. In the early 1990s, long before we ever thought we could have every single song ever created at our fingertips, Papa Phelps found out that they were changing formats or closing down or something. So he got a bunch of cassette tapes and recorded the station for the last week or so in order to keep some of that great music. He’s the reason Spencer went with blues music as the station’s main format.