Want to host a blues show?

Hey Marion Blues Fans! How would you like to host your own blues radio show???

As you know, we have a rockin’ line up of blues shows that air every Sunday then again throughout the week. Coming in 2019, we’re updating the lineup. We’ve said goodbye to Blue Shades w/ Chuck & Sketti recently due to some health issues, and we’re dropping the Blues Plate Specials show for a while. So that leaves room for some new blues shows! Since we’re a community station, we want the next awesome blues show to be made and hosted by someone who lives in Marion!

We’re looking for a 1-hour blues music show with a narrator/DJ. The subject can be anything so long as it’s a) blues related and b) non-political. If you just want to play your favorite blues songs, that’s cool! If you want to feature women in blues, we would love that. Heck, if you just wanted to play blues songs whose titles all began with the letter G, then by golly (if you can find enough), that’ll work. The sky’s the limit, so long as that sky is blue.

Nothing! We don’t believe in charging people to host shows since we’re a community, charity station. Actually, this is an opportunity for you to make a little money! If you can get your show sponsored, we will split that money with you down the middle (50/50).

Here’s our catch: You have to be able to record and edit your show yourself and then send the show to us in high-quality mp3 files. Also, and this is huge, you have to be consistent and reliable, which means you can’t just do a couple shows then get bored and peter out. We’re looking for dedicated, reliable people. This is real deal radio!

Send us a demo, doesn’t have to be an hour, say about 20-30 minutes at least. Give us your show’s title, the angle, DJ a few tunes, let us get a feel for it. Send the demo as an mp3 file to info@trublues975.com. We’ll give it a listen and let you know what we think. If we select your show, we’d like to begin with a bang at the start of 2019!

Now you might ask, “Hey, you’re a radio station. Can’t you do all of this for me?” We could if we had the manpower and the time, but right now, unfortunately, we just don’t.

Drop us a line if you have any questions!


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